" I had tingling in my arm and numbness in my thumb before I went to Dr. Marc. I couldn't sleep through the night since a nerve in my neck was pinched. One visit with Dr. Marc and I was on the road to recovery! It was a pleasure visiting his office each week. Erin was so friendly and Dr. Marc had such a positive attitude and such amazing healing hands. Thanks Dr. Marc!"
- Kristin B.

"Before I received Chiropractic care, I was experiencing very severe neck pain that had been ongoing and constant for years. My brother had recommended going to see Dr. Marc, and within two weeks of my initial exam, I felt more mobility and rotation in my neck and upper back area than I had in a long time! Dr. Marc works magic in the spine!"
- James B.

"I suffered from constant headaches for about a year. It was hard for me to work, I felt miserable, and medicine would only give me temporary relief. Now, after receiving chiropractic care, I feel completely different. My life has gone back to normal. I love getting adjusted because it keeps me healthy and happy!"
- Romona T.

"I have been suffering with breathing difficulties for years: to the point I could not breathe or sleep. Now, after regular adjustments from Dr. Marc, I can breathe normally and have more energy to enjoy my life. Thank You Dr. Marc for changing my life!"
- Any B.

" I have been suffering with severe migraine headaches since the age of five and have been treated by all types of doctors for this condition without any satisfactory results. After receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Marc, I honestly love life again! Thanks, Dr. Marc!"
- Brandy M.

"I suffered with arthritis in my neck and lower back. A medical specialist prescribed a regimen of physical exercise, however I continued to have stabbing pains in my lower back, stiffness in my neck and constant headaches. Within two weeks of seeing Dr. Marc, the severe symptoms were alleviated and over the course of treatment I have noticed continued improvement in my overall health"
- Rick W.

"I entered Dr. Marc's office with lower back pain. The pain was unbearable. It was difficult to sit or even walk. After getting chiropractic care, I feel great again! I am now back to my exercise routine at the gym and I can sit and walk without any difficulty at all!"
- Sharon C.

"I entered Dr. Marc's office with acute leg pain. The pain made it hard for me to walk without crutches. After visiting Dr. Marc's office, in about four weeks, I was pain free! I can now walk without the use of crutches. I feel fantastic. Dr. Marc's chiropractic office is awesome!"
- Jim M.